Andrew  studied in the UK and obtained his 3 year degree in Design Photography from one of the UK’s leading art colleges. From 1998 Andrew started his career in photography and stands by his ethos “A Passion for Excellence”  His passion guides his creativity and trained eye to make every shoot unique and professional. 

Andrew Howes Photographics (AHP) has a reliable team of freelance / full-time photographers that share the same passion as Andrew and are willing to travel worldwide to capture the moments you require. They all bring their own personal touch while standing steadfast to the company’s ethos. Their offices and the fully functional studio are based in the business hub of Joburg, Sandton, 

Contact Us

Telephone : 011 783 3323
Mobile : 082 412 6988
E-Mail : info@ahphotography.co.za
Studio : 121 The Studio, 11th Street,
Parkmore, Sandton
PO Box : PO Box 782446, Sandton,